Northwolf 3 INCH DA BLUE PAD (Compounding / Heavy Cutting Pad) (HI-3142DA)

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Classical North Wolf DA Foam Buffing Pad series is our exclusive design, the bonding is heat resistant,anti-corrosion and washable does not tear apart. There are 3 colours of different cutting scale to choose, depend on car paint situation can choose a suitable pad for the job.

North Wolf DA buffing pads, Blue color sponge 40 PPI for the heavy cutting process, bevel edge design, durable hard backing is heat resistant, works well on the dual-action machine does not peel off. Suggest using with cutting compound for deep scratch removal, after that please use a finishing pad for glossy purposes. 

1. German sponge, dissipate polish or compounds evenly, minimizing grabbing and reducing heat. 
2. North wolf bonding in hard backing hook and loop is heat resistant and waterproof, won't peel from heat DA machine, and washable. Does Not peel off.
3. High tensile strength and density foam material more durable, increased service life.
4. Convenient to use, bevel edge design for safe polishing.
5. Available size: Hook&Loop: 3 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches.