4×3 Inch 3-layer TPU Soft PPF Carbon Fiber Vinyl Squeegee (PPFTL44)

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Meterial: TPU

Color: yellow, red, black



yellow side: 75 durometer

black side: 85 durometer


1. Different hardness with 75 and 85 durometers can meet your different needs.

2. Soft PPF carbon fiber scraper will not do any damage to your car surface, windshield or window.

3. Parallelogram shape with 40° makes you scrape a film flatter and fitter.

4. It also can be used at home as a cleaning tool.


1. Scrape a film flat and fit when pasting a car protective film or color-changing film.

2. Remove water, stains, glue, stickers from a car windshield, window, body easily.