Metal Handle Vinyl Magnet Holder 88mm Diameter (PPFTL16)

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  • Product Name: Car Wrapping Magnet Holder
  • Powerful magnet tool, used to hold the vinyl film when installing the car wrap,easy to grab,holds firm
  • Long handle makes it easy to remove,Fully covering the magnet Will not mark or damage printed films or wrapping films.
  • Used the vinyl magnet to install flag graphics ,Great for aligning vehicle graphics, hang rolls of masking tape on the shop, Use in place of masking tape to accurately position graphics,wrapping cars.
  • These work great for any large graphics you need to lay down on steel panels! Super amount of grip for their size, and the magnet has a rubber base that won’t scratch any surface.Perfect for Vinyl Wraps Gripper, Refrigerator Magnets ,Glass Magnets,Office Magnets,Board Magnets.