Single Wheel Rubber Seam Roller Car Detailing Tool Vinyl Wrap Applicator for Details Riding Edge-Lines Contour Squeegee Screen Rolling , Portable Handle Soft Rubber Roller for Window Tint Installing (PPFTL33)

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  • Rubber wheel diameter: 5.3cm/2.1inch
  • Vinyl Edge Roller with aluminum alloy handle for maximum pressure.
  • Wrap tool rubber roller enclosed high quality bearings provide smoothest rolling action, compare to metal one, it does not cut screen when rolling on the screen.
  • Thin edge roller wheel for better inserting vinyl into tight corner joints in vehicle door gaps waist line applications, easy to handle and use for forming sound deadening material to door panel trim and inner car body panels.
  • Rolling wheel made of rubber is more durable than foam, long life perfect for film seaming, vinyl corner seaming. One of the must have vinyl wrap tools .