Vinyl Magnet Holder With Expoy Sticker & Fabric Base 45mm Diameter ( PPFTL17)

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  • Size: Diameter 45mm. handle Size: 65mm long. It offers a strong magnetic force under the base.
  • Multi-function: It can work as Vinyl Wraps Gripper Magnet Holder, Refrigerator Magnets, Glass Magnets, Office Magnets, Board Magnets.
  • Fluorescence Green: We offer this Green design that can help you recognize the magnets easier when you use it over the deep color flat , such as black car, black glass and so on .
  • As the strong magnet force, we do not recommend to hold your gloss vinyl for long time.
  • Convenient Use : Each package include Magnet Holders that it is enough for you to use under any situation .