Max Cut 3.0 - Ultra Heavy Cut Compound

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Detroit Surface Care Max Cut 3.0


It combines the finest raw materials available.


The worlds most innovative chemistry to offered.


Easy to use, highly effective at scratch removal from P1000 to P5000.

With an unparalleled level of gloss!

A premium cutting action from the finest diminishing aluminum oxides in the world.

Max Cut 3.0 also offers a finish that is incredible with no fillers and redo’s, permanent results from our water based eco friendly chemistry.

Our flagship ultimate performance compound!

  • Faster, Leaner
  • Cleaner extreme gloss
  • Swirl, scratch, and oxidation removal
  • Compatible for use by hand, rotary, DA
  • H2O base 
  • Use on all auto paints, coated plastic, wood, gel coat