Northwolf 6 inch Blue & White Hybrid Wool Pad (RU Style)

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North wolf Microfiber buffing pad made with a coarse microfiber material , strengthen hook and loop backing suggest to apply with a 6inch backing plate in Dual polisher or rotary machine.  Apply with cutting compound to remove scratch fast.  Blue and white stripe color is bright and nice looking. 

1.The latest production technology, Soft and fine workmanship, no harm to the paint surface.
2. Unique bonding technology  , heat resistant and durable, won't peel off。
3.Microfiber material ,washable and more durable, increase service life.
4.Bevel edge, Convenient to use, High-quality velcro  for safe polishing.
5. Available size: Hook & Loop:  3 inch , 5 inch,6inch.


North Wolf Microfiber Pad is Perfect Collision repair polishing pads, it can quickly and easily remove heavy swirl marks, sanding scratches, water spots and oxidation, also remove wax easily. Guarantees a brilliant, deep gloss and a perfect car show. 

North wolf bonding in high tech technology , hard backing hook and loop is more durable and longer service life than normal pads. It is heat resistant won't tear apart even in long throw polisher