Northwolf Clay Bar A+++ Grade 100g (HI-CB16AG100)

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A+++  Grade Clay Bar - Purple

A+++ grade is very good quality, raw material is imported, good performance on car cleaning, easy to remove dirt. We make this product is focussed on the highquality level, it is for compete with premium brands. it is non-sticky, don't need to soak in water after use, just cleaning it and put inside our container for second-time use is ok.


  • Claybar safely and easily removes paint over spray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust and other bonded surface contaminants from the automotive exterior surfaces likepaint, glass, headlights. moldings and plastic.
  • Clay bar comes in a plastic box to store safely after every use.
  • Use with high lubricant car wash shampoo, quick detailer or any other lubricant of your choice.
  • Shelf life 3yrs.(un-used).