Northwolf Clay Towel 3.0

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NORTH WOLF microfiber clay towel with one-side finished in a hi-tech rubber polymer coating, it's easy to remove the contaminant with water only, such as paint,asphalt, guano,dust,insect ect. Use with clay lubricant or water only. Much faster than traditional clay bar.



1. lasts up to 5 times longer than clay bars.
2.Quickly remove stubborn dirt, tar, industrial iron powder, flying paint , Oil film, oxidation and other surface pollutants before polishing or waxing.
3. It takes less than 5-15 minutes to complete, saving time, fast and easy.
4. Does not damage the body paint and gloss. Reusable.
5. Durable, repeated usage up to 50-120 cars more.


NORTH WOLF clay towel is is perfect for professional detailers or those simply seek and easier means of removing contaminants before polishing or waxing.

Directions: Clean the car surface with water or cleaner. Rinse surface with water to flush away loose dirt. Wash and rinse in sections using NORTH WOLF clay towel with light pressure. Begin with the roof, and work the suds down to the hood, trunk and sides. Rinse with clean water and dry vehicle with towel.